At AIMFleet we pride ourselves on our agile and efficient processes and our just-in-time resourcing approach to every project.  We ensure that you have what you need, when you need it .  We guarantee on-time and on-scope delivery of all products and services and promise to leave you with the knowledge, tools and training to carry on without us. 



It Services

Technology is essential for any company to survive and thrive.  in the airline industry, safety, compliance, forecasting, data integrity, profitability and competitive advantage all DEPEND on the successful planning, deployment and integration of IT systems.  Our team of leading technologists take a holistic approach to all IT projects.  We view your collective IT systems and environments as an Ecosystem.  We look at the relationships between systems, quality and compatibility of code and infrastructure, data flow/integrity and we determine the overall health of your IT ecosystem while identifying the weaker systems that might be affecting the overall performance and integrity of the ecosystem.

  • IT ecosystem evaluation & optimization
  • IT solution vetting, selection, installation and integration in ecosystem
  • Custom IT solutions:  planning, development, deployment and support
  • We can build and install solutions locally or in the cloud (yours or ours)
  • We can work in any language or environment
  • We build responsive APPs that can be deployed across all your devices
  • Truly, there is nothing we can’t build and build well!


Asset Management Services

AIMFleet offers comprehensive, end-to-end asset acquisition, management and disposition services.  We utilize market leading project management and task/workflow management IT systems to ensure accountability, efficiency, transparency on all projects and maximum asset value for every client.  

Specific services include:

  • Contract Review & Negotiations
    • Delivery and Return Condition analysis
  • Lease Returns & Deliveries
    • Facilitate the review and accountability of historical records, Workscope Planning, MRO oversight (Production Control/QA), MX Program bridging and Aircraft demo/relocation services
  • Aircraft Records Audits (per FAA and EASA Guidelines)
    • Biannual, annual and continuous records Conformity reviews
    • Cloud based Project Management, checklists and issue tracking software 

  • Project Management
    • Resource, schedule, metrics, cloud based financial accounting
  • Aircraft and Engine Remarketing Services
    • Global network and industry relationships for aircraft, engine and component remarketing activities.
  • Aircraft Inspections
    • Pre purchase and delivery inspections, photos and relevant status reports
    • Current Spec
    • MX Status
    • Configuration



Literally HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars in asset value are lost each year due to a simple lack of records management and the inability to show and maintain Regulatory Compliance. AIMCert™ (which stands for AIMFleet Certification) was developed by AIMFleet as a means to rate an aircraft’s level of compliance once a Conformity/Compliance review has been completed (see Asset Management Services). The higher the rating, the more compliant the aircraft is with current regulatory guidelines and the more likely it is that the asset will be eligible for the issuance and maintainability of a Certificate of Airworthiness.


Does your asset have an AIMCert?


Engineering & MX Programs

  • Aircraft and System Engineering - Aircraft systems, interior and structures engineering support. DER Services
  • Powerplant Engineering – Engine configuration management, BSI, workscope development, MRO oversight and Engine Condition Monitoring services.
  • Technical Publications – GMM, SOP and Task Card management
  • MX Program Bridging - Task Card and Line MX Harmonization
  • M&E System Implementation and Support - TRAX Implementation and support.

We bring a team of industry leading experts to design efficient processes tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization.

  • Designing and setting up the system
  • Gathering and managing information
  • Reflecting critically (on experience and information) to improve action
  • Communicating and reporting results
  • Training
  • Support


Business Optimization


In our experience, business processes are the make or break factor for the effectiveness and success of any organization.  No IT system or organization edict can guarantee the desired results if outdated, sub-par, inefficient business processes remain in place.  Our team of subject matter experts will apply and go beyond industry best practices to deliver optimized business process customized to your organization’s culture, size and resource parameters. 

  • AS IS Assessment & Discovery
  • Development of Business Optimization plan to include:
    • 3D/360 Process, Resource & Data Flow map
    • Resource Plan
    • Technology Plan
    • Project Timeline & Budget
  • Optimization Implementation - Get it Done!