Aviation Information Management, Inc. (dba: AIMFleet) is a Technical Aviation Consulting Firm that provides on-site technical representation to monitor aircraft and engine deliveries, develops and implements maintenance systems, performs records inspections and digital imaging of historical records, and supports aircraft and engine sales using proprietary compliance and auction platforms.

AIMFleet is a value-driven consultancy firm.  As such, we pride ourselves on providing maximum ROI for every dollar and hour you spend working with our team.  Our customers benefit from our timely, thorough, accurate deliveries as well as our effective and affordable products and services. Our consulting services are aimed at helping your company build and maintain a competitive edge.

Our staff of Aviation Technical Professionals is a diversified group from all aspects of the aviation industry. We ensure that our customers receive the best support and services for their specific needs.  Our team of professionals have a minimum of 15 years in an aviation related technical field, an FAA Certificate (A&P License), a positive attitude, excellent written and verbal communication skills, significant computer proficiency and a willingness to go where we need them when we need them - worldwide.


Value Proposition

  • AIMFleet has been a respected name in the aviation industry for over 18 years as a leading provider of aviation services, subject matter expertise, and technical resources
  • AIMFleet delivers scalable, turnkey solutions for our clients
  • AIMFleet professionals have diverse aviation industry experience
  • Broad, cross-sector industry experience and expertise including: OEM, MRO, Airline, MX & IT Systems

Resource Certifications

  • Familiar with domestic and foreign regulatory requirements
  • FAR Part 121/135/145 and EASA
  • SME with ability to liaise with FAA & regulatory agencies

Regulatory Expertise

  • A&P FAA professionals
  • PMP certified Project Managers
  • DER/DAR & certified Borescope Inspectors with FAA and EASA approval
  • Personnel with Military experience, security clearance & expertise
  • ATP Commercial pilot resources for ferry, reposition and functional test flight/observation